Very Dissapointed

Lane lane at
Thu Jun 9 12:33:07 GMT 2005

On Thursday 09 June 2005 06:45, Jerry McAllister wrote:
> > I am very dissappointed. I have been looking on the net for 3 days now
> > looking for easy setup guides or How to guides and setting up FreeBSD 5.x
> > with transparent proxy and firewall and there simply is no easy way
> > explaining to beginners how to do such a setup. No wonder that most
> > people still prefer microsoft products. It is much easier to setup and
> > there is a sh*t load of information to help you do it, But almost no
> > usefull information on any website about freebsd?
> >
> > Not very good guys/gals.

I just came in on the end of this, so I'm not sure what you've done.  But you 
are correct that there aren't many guides for such a thing that a beginner 
could follow.  These are no a beginner tasks.

FreeBSD has a steep learning curve.  Heck even Linux has a steep learning 
curve when you move from BSD!  Ugh!  What a mess that is!

I recommend you divide the two tasks, "transparent proxy" and "firewall," and 
then start here with the firewall setup:

You'll find that the file /etc/rc.conf is used to globally configure the 
firewall (i.e. turn it on, turn it off, customize it's overall behavior).

Also take a look at /etc/rc.firewall (but for your own sake don't change it).  
This will give you some information on "open," "closed," "simple," and some 
other firewall concepts.

And don't be afraid to ask questions like "What is this?  How does that work?  
Can it do this?"

As you can see, comparison with MS is not likely to get you any constructive 
input :)  Sorry, that's the nature of the BSD!

I don't know the concept "transparent proxy."   Hopefully you will discover 
how that works as you build your firewall :)

Good Luck!


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