Very Dissapointed

Bart Silverstrim bsilver at
Thu Jun 9 11:57:34 GMT 2005

On Jun 9, 2005, at 7:36 AM, dk dkrules wrote:

> I am very dissappointed. I have been looking on the net for 3 days now 
> looking for easy setup guides or How to guides and setting up FreeBSD 
> 5.x with transparent proxy and firewall and there simply is no easy 
> way explaining to beginners how to do such a setup. No wonder that 
> most people still prefer microsoft products. It is much easier to 
> setup and there is a sh*t load of information to help you do it, But 
> almost no usefull information on any website about freebsd?

I'm sorry.  It's very clear that the FreeBSD Lords will now have to nix 
their plans once again to rule the earth and stomp out any and all 
competition from the marketplace again until we can fix the whole "it's 
not point and click to get task X to work the way I want it to" thing 
again.  And they tried so hard this time around too!  It's really 
disheartening to hear how much better Windows is, but it also seems stress level has fallen substantially since I switched 
my desktop machine to a Mac and many of our servers to FreeBSD and 
Linux.  Very strange indeed!

I don't know about the firewall rules, but all we did was set up Squid 
with a rule set up to redirect incoming port 80 requests to the port 
Squid was listening to.  Then I enabled IP forwarding, and told all the 
clients using DHCP to use the FreeBSD (or Linux, depending on the site) 
server's IP as the gateway IP.  Everyone went through Squid from that 
time on for proxying.  We only did it because we needed people 
filtered, so I told Squid to run SquidGuard.  Update the blacklists 
periodically and we are transparently proxying websites with few, if 
any, people knowing what was going on.

Maybe someone else could help you with links on how to use the firewall 
rules or which port will provide a GUI for you to use in configuring 
the rules.  Is there something so particular about your setup that a 
googling for FreeBSD and Squid won't yield sites that can help? A quick 
google for me came up with

Seems like these would be enough to get you started...

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