Azureus Update Problem

Warren shinjii at
Wed Jun 8 03:42:13 GMT 2005

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005 1:24 pm, you wrote:
> What I suspect is happening is that you're running as a user with
> decreased priveleges, but you have a global install of azureus (installed
> in /usr/local/bin).
> Azureus is probably presuming you have the rights needed to do the update,
> and never bothers to check or ask otherwise. :\

I am running the latest version via the ports but also running it as a single 
user .. i'll try running it as root and seeing what happens form there.

Ran it as root and it made no diference at all, still refuses to update, atm 
it dosent affect any torrents, so *g*
Yours Sincerely

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