Azureus Update Problem

Tony Shadwick tshadwick at
Wed Jun 8 03:24:57 GMT 2005

What I suspect is happening is that you're running as a user with 
decreased priveleges, but you have a global install of azureus (installed 
in /usr/local/bin).

Azureus is probably presuming you have the rights needed to do the update, 
and never bothers to check or ask otherwise. :\

If there *is* an update to azureus, I'd check to see if it is in ports, 
and just portupgrade it from there.  If not...hmm.  Perhaps run Azureus 
once with increased priveleges, or if it is not something you're exposing 
to the world and it's a single user box, then just run that one app with 
elevated priveleges all the time (ie, instead of running the binary 
directly, run it "sudo /usr/local/bin/azureus").

I'd be interested to see what others think.  I run Az on my mac here, but 
I've always had enough rights to do the online updates.

On Wed, 8 Jun 2005, Warren wrote:

> I have been trying to update Azureus but each time i d/l the file to update
> with and click restart form the updater section/window it never restarts and
> then when i re-load the program it sais to check update.log which ironically
> dosent exist so i have no way to see whats going on.
> im running FreeBSD 5.4-STABLE and Azureus
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> Shinjii
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