DRM for Radeon 7000

Walter C. Pelissero walter at pelissero.de
Tue Jun 7 09:54:47 GMT 2005

I'm not wuite sure this belongs to a FreeBSD mailing list, but the way
the systems freezes suggests it may be a driver problem.

I'm trying to make DRI/DRM work on a Radeon 7000-VE (AGP) installed on
a dual Athlon running 5.4-STABLE.  I'm using the radeon(4) driver of
Xorg 6.8.2 with the MergedFB option because it's a dual head setup (so
dual head and dual CPU).  The reason I'm trying to use the MergedFB is
that the normal Xinerama doesn't support DRI.  Unfortunately if I
enable the dri option in xorg.conf the system freezes rock solid after
few instants of use.

Looking around for clues the only strange thing I could find was that
the drm0 claims to use an irq which is already used by a SCSI adapter:

drm0: <ATI Radeon QY RV100 7000/VE> port 0x3000-0x30ff mem 0xe8100000-0xe810ffff,0xf0000000-0xf7ffffff irq 18 at device 5.0 on pci1

ahc0: <Adaptec 29160 Ultra160 SCSI adapter> port 0x1400-0x14ff mem 0xe8001000-0xe8001fff irq 18 at device 10.0 on pci0

I don't know if this might be the source of my problems but both
drivers (ahc and drm) seem to disregard the device.hints, so I
couldn't try to assign distinct irqs to the two cards.

Has anybody succeeded to run an ATI Radeon 7000 AGP on FreeBSD 5.4
with DRI/DRM?

walter pelissero

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