FreeBSD 5.x with > 70k users?

Tony Shadwick tshadwick at
Mon Jun 6 16:59:39 GMT 2005

I can only suggest a workaround, which would be to consider a different 
user management system, say LDAP.  You're still going to have the issue of 
some apps not liking high numbered uid's, but it bypasses the pwd_mkdb 
issue.  Not to mention once you have it in place managing users and 
attributes should be much easier.  Getting to that point, however, is an 
adventure all unto itself I'm afraid. :\

On Mon, 6 Jun 2005, Ben Hockenhull wrote:

> Hi there,
> I'm attempting to migrate an old BSDI system to FreeBSD.  The system in
> question has about 71k users, with UIDs from about 2000 up to about 70000.
> When I import the master.passwd file (formats are the same) to the new
> system and try to rebuild the .db files, it fails with a pwd_mkdb: put:
> Unknown error: 0 .
> As best I can tell, if I import a small subset of the users (about 5k),
> things work fine.  From what I understand, FreeBSD can have massive UIDs,
> with the caveat that some applications may not like UIDs > 65535.
> I did some research and found someone reporting an identical problem, but
> didn't see that he'd found a solution.  Any input, pointers, solutions
> greatly appreciated.
> Ben
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