ssh delays 40 seconds

Jonathan Chen jonc at
Mon Jun 6 02:55:56 GMT 2005

On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 04:49:26PM -1000, Robert Marella wrote:
> Jonathan Chen wrote:

> >It's not the forward case that's the problem. The sshd daemon on the
> >server side attempts to find out where the connection is from by doing
> >a reverse-lookup. If the incoming IP hasn't got a DNS entry, the failing
> >DNS ip-lookup will time out in ~30s.
> >
> Thanks for responding. In all of my systems /etc/hosts is populated with 
> the name and LAN IP address of all other boxes. My gateway/firewall is a 
> 5.4 Rel computer. I can ping that box "it's called gateway" with ping 
> gateway or ping no problem.

What does "dig -x" on the ssh-server box give you? Looks like
you need to set up a internal DNS server to resolve these sort of

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