ssh delays 40 seconds

Robert Marella rmarella at
Mon Jun 6 02:49:31 GMT 2005

Jonathan Chen wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 05, 2005 at 03:25:08PM -1000, Robert Marella wrote:
>>Robert Huff wrote:
>>>Richard J. Valenta writes:
>>>>I had this problem in the past, and it was due to DNS problems where my
>>>>IP from the client machine was unable to be resolved... but I think it
>>>>took longer than 40 seconds.  I mentioned this in this list before, a
>>>>search of the list may help.
>>>	Affirmed for the general case.  "30 second delay, then normal
>>>network activity" _screams_ DNS misconfiguration, usually but not
>>>always in the client side.
>>>			Robert Huff
>>Forgive me if I am dense. According to the readout of "ssh -vvv gateway" 
>>the connection is made immediately. Does that not indicate that it knew 
>>where to go?
> It's not the forward case that's the problem. The sshd daemon on the
> server side attempts to find out where the connection is from by doing
> a reverse-lookup. If the incoming IP hasn't got a DNS entry, the failing
> DNS ip-lookup will time out in ~30s.
> Cheers.

Thanks for responding. In all of my systems /etc/hosts is populated with 
the name and LAN IP address of all other boxes. My gateway/firewall is a 
5.4 Rel computer. I can ping that box "it's called gateway" with ping 
gateway or ping no problem.

I ssh there and it takes 40 seconds to provide me with a request for 
passphase. Once I'm in there I can ping all other boxes with name or IP. 
If I ssh from there to any box it takes 40 seconds for that next box to 
request a password. This happens from any box to any box. It was working 
perfectly until this week. It might be realted to me updating the 
gateway box from 5.3 to 5.4 but I know I had accessed it right after 
upgrade because it is headless and I had to ssh into it to do the 
world/kernel thing.

Other than /etc/hosts and /etc/resolv.conf is there any other config 
files I should check.

Thanks again for your time.


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