FreeBSD 5.4 & Xwindows

Robert Slade bsd at
Sun Jun 5 05:46:50 GMT 2005

On Sat, 2005-06-04 at 21:26, at wrote:
> First things first. What module did you load for the card. My guess (because I 
> did this myself) was to use "ATI", but you need "RADEON". And, in the 
> sysinstall setup for video, you most likely selected "vga", sometimes "vesa" 
> works better!

With Vesa I get an error driver not found. The only other option is to
use ATI which does load, but I get a waring re the PCI bus ID and then a
fatal error. Looking at it with Windows it seems to use 2 bus ID's 1:0:0
and 1:0:1.

> Now the fun part. If you look in Xorg.conf, you will see the screen resolution 
> selections.(Sorry, I will let you find that setup file for yourself=better to 
> remember for future changes!) Yours will indicate "640x480". This will need 
> to be changed to the resolution your monitor will support. But all this is in 
> the X docs, give them a good look. They are complicated, but repeated study 
> will reveal the answers.
> Don't Forget to use the propper Mhz for the Vertical and Horizontal 
> capabilities of your monitor. Very important if the monitor is older and 
> lacks limit protection, easy to fry the monitor! This is all so complicated 
> at first. 
> Please give the X docs a little study time and you will "see" the answers.
> Tough learning, only challenges builds the mind!
> Don

Thanks Don, 

I'll go and tinker some more tomorrow.


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