FreeBSD 5.4 & Xwindows at at
Sat Jun 4 20:22:42 GMT 2005

First things first. What module did you load for the card. My guess (because I 
did this myself) was to use "ATI", but you need "RADEON". And, in the 
sysinstall setup for video, you most likely selected "vga", sometimes "vesa" 
works better!

Now the fun part. If you look in Xorg.conf, you will see the screen resolution 
selections.(Sorry, I will let you find that setup file for yourself=better to 
remember for future changes!) Yours will indicate "640x480". This will need 
to be changed to the resolution your monitor will support. But all this is in 
the X docs, give them a good look. They are complicated, but repeated study 
will reveal the answers.

Don't Forget to use the propper Mhz for the Vertical and Horizontal 
capabilities of your monitor. Very important if the monitor is older and 
lacks limit protection, easy to fry the monitor! This is all so complicated 
at first. 

Please give the X docs a little study time and you will "see" the answers.
Tough learning, only challenges builds the mind!


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