Per olof Ljungmark peo at intersonic.se
Fri Jun 3 21:51:08 GMT 2005

Denny Jodeit wrote:
>>I'm trying to restrict an ftp user to a particular directory. I've 
>>written an ftpchroot file, as follows:
>>Username  /var/spool/ftp/ ./Username/photos
>>After I write the file and restart inetd, I am not able to login to 
>>ftp with this user account at all. I have RTFM and evidently don't get

If username only (no path) in ftpchroot, enter the path you want the 
user chrooted to in /etc/passwd. What happens?

If you need shell home and ftp home to be different you need the path in 

passwd(5) and ftpchroot(5).

What to the logs say? Try to use -d with ftpd.

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