Tuning FreBSD with specific applications

Mark Bucciarelli mark at gaiahost.coop
Thu Jun 2 20:40:13 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 02, 2005 at 10:17:13PM +0200, Vittorio De Martino wrote:

> How could I obtain those improvements? What could I do to speed those
> programs under freebsd?

- Edit /etc/make.conf and set the processor and compiler optimizations.

- Rebuild and install system (world and kernel)

- Repost your results here. ;)

The BSD handbook has good docs on the last step of this process.  Coming
from Gentoo, you probably have a good idea what to do in the first step.

There is an example make.conf somewhere on you system you can look at
for other things to set.

If you want to get really detailed, look at the Makefile for R in it's
ports directory.  There may be some notes as to configure options and

FWIU, every port can have it's own set of configure options, and there
is a way to put conditionals inside make.conf; for example, if in this
ports directory, set this option.  I haven't used that yet, but if you
search the archives here you will find an example.

BTW, don't mess around with the new scheduler.  Just use the old BSD
one.  I did some testing (recompiled gcc) and the old one was faster on
a dual processor system.  From what someone told me on #freebsd, it
works but is not optimized yet.

Also, there are somethings you should do when testing speed.  You can
google to find the references, here's the two items I remember:

- use single user mode (no cron)
- unplug network cable (no broadcast packets)

Have fun!


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