Tuning FreBSD with specific applications

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 Tuning FreBSD with specific applications: 

>First of all:
>On my laptop I've being using linux for some years now and "landed" at last
> to the gentoo distribution which I tuned for working with the statistical
> software R and the bunch of TeX programs such as latex, pdflatex, context
> and the likes (this absorb 95% of my activity on the linux box).
>The main action I took with gentoo was to compile everything from scratch
> for my pc hardware, limiting the use of X & kde using all the above
> mentioned software prevailingly in a simple console.
>Now in a partition of the same laptop I installed freebsd 5.4, set
>softupdates, dma=1, and the same pieces of software as those I had installed
>under linux using the ports, therefore, compiling everything for my pc
>hardware, but, owing to my poor knowledge of Freebsd I'm experiencing some
>In a nutshell I prepared the following test files:
>1) a ConTeXt file full of long (useless) chapters and pictures to run with
>2) An R program which reads a long text file, puts the data in dataframes,
>then loops to accomplish many repetitive mathematical calculations.
>Now running the test  files in a console linux turns out to be roughly
> 20-25% faster than freebsd. Particulary slow results the loop phase of the
> R source code that while running slows down and seems to clog in the end.
> The slowing down is also perceptible under linux but not at the same level.
>Admiring the "ordered and unitary layout" of freebsd, the logical way of
>setting it up, the richness of applications,  I would like to line the
>freebsd installation up to the linux one, improving its performance at most,
>not necessarily making it faster than linux.
>How could I obtain those improvements? What could I do to speed those
> programs under freebsd?
here is a start:
www.lyris.com/products/listmanager/ fox_pro/tuning_freebsd.pdf -


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