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Oh the Ironies of life,  I actually redid my install because someone on the
list told me that there was no reason (point) to even install KDE  since I
was going to use it only for Mailscanner..

Should I go ahead and reinstall it?

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If you're running KDE the KDE System Guard (system section of the K
Menu) is similar to the Windows Task Manager. Gnome has something
similar I have used but I forget the name.

The console command 'ps' will show you running processes. Check this web
link for info

Or do "man ps" or "info ps"


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Hi all,

First OFF NEWBIE here - so  please bear with me--

I have installed  FreeBSD 5.4 on a box that I plan to use Mailscanner to
"filter" the mail prior to hitting my Mail server.

Its on a PII 450 with 256mb ram  and a 12 gig drive.

I would like to know

1) How can I check to make sure the system is running OK ( I'm from the
windows world) where we have event logs  and performance monitor to make
the install was done correctly, give you page fault data mem ,cpu usage

Any tools  or commands in FreeBSD that can give me this type of info?

2) given the above specs, is that ok to handle mail for roughly 40

Thanks in advance
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