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Jean-Paul Natola jnatola at
Wed Jun 1 17:32:23 GMT 2005

Well our mail store ( is at about 8 gigs)  it should never go higher than
than that.

Should I try to get a # of messages per day tally , would that help?

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> Hi all,
> First OFF NEWBIE here - so  please bear with me--
> I have installed  FreeBSD 5.4 on a box that I plan to use Mailscanner to
> "filter" the mail prior to hitting my Mail server.
> Its on a PII 450 with 256mb ram  and a 12 gig drive.
> I would like to know
> 1) How can I check to make sure the system is running OK ( I'm from the
> windows world) where we have event logs  and performance monitor to make
> the install was done correctly, give you page fault data mem ,cpu usage
> etc...
> Any tools  or commands in FreeBSD that can give me this type of info?

Look at top(1), systat(1), as well as the various logs in /var/log

> 2) given the above specs, is that ok to handle mail for roughly 40 users?

Hard to say without more details on what the volume is for those 40 users,
but I expect it should be OK ... unless your usage patterns are very

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