what to do? amd64 - i386

Benjamin Lutz benlutz at datacomm.ch
Sun Jul 31 20:13:17 GMT 2005

> >   cd /usr/ports/www/opera; make -V ONLY_FOR_ARCH
> Just tried this, but got no response. Maybe it works now.

Oops. Forget the S there at the end. It's ONLY_FOR_ARCHS .

> > There are a few things that will not work at all on amd64 right now,
> > however: OpenOffice.org, proprietary media codecs, hardware OpenGL
> > acceleration...
> Any ideas about _WHAT_ does not work? Do you have examples?
> "If I can't live without them, then.." ;-))

OpenOffice.org 1.1.* depends on gcc 3.2 for building which has no support 
for amd64. Proprietary media codecs work on FreeBSD/i386 because there's 
some hacks to just run the 32 bit code. If you can find 64bit versions of 
those codecs, maybe you can get them working... . nVidia Hardware OpenGL 
does not work because nVidia has only released a driver for FreeBSD/i386.

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