Growisofs seg faults with DVD-RAM. Anybody else seen this?

Carl Delsey cdelsey at
Sat Jul 30 05:50:14 GMT 2005

I was trying to use growisofs to write to a DVD-RAM and it kept
seg faulting. It worked fine with a DVD-R.

I tracked the problem down to place in the code where growisofs
tries to perform an operation on a file handle it has already

I've implemented a workaround already. The problem is, that by my
reckoning, this should affect anybody who is trying to use a DVD-RAM
(not DVD+RW) with FreeBSD, but I haven't found any references to the
problem on the net.

I'm wondering if anybody else has seen this problem, and if you've
found some other workaround for it? Or alternatively, you still have
the problem and my patch would be useful to you. :-)

By the way, I'm running Freebsd 5.4 Release and I'm using
dvd+rw-tools with an ATAPI DVD burner configured to be


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