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Benjamin Lutz benlutz at
Thu Jul 28 22:58:36 GMT 2005

dick hoogendijk wrote:
> Is there much difference between the athlon3000/3400 ??
> Will the intel platform have (dis)advantages ?

Well, the 3400+ will be slightly faster when it comes to number
crunching. They'll be up to par to the Intel chip, but the Intel system
will cost more.

If price is important, why not go for a Sempron 3100+ using the Palermo
core? Granted, it's a bit slower than the Athlon64 3000+, but it does
have an advantage: Under load, it outputs 62W of heat instead of 89W
like the 130nm Athlon64 cores. And of course it only costs half of what
the Athlon64s cost.

> Price is important. I.e. buying the athlon3000 gives me the opportunity
> to buy something else, BUT if the speed of the 3400+ is much better, I
> can buy that "other stuff" later.. if you see what I mean. I just want a
> machine that last a litthle longer...

You'll have to figure out the sweet spot for yourself really... there
are benchmarks available on the web.

> I.e. the intel MB has a PCIe grahics slot. How important is that (or
> not). I will buy a Geforce-6600GT videocard (offer most for less
> money..)

At the moment, Gaming GFX cards are being released for both PCIe and
AGP, so AGP means no loss yet. By the time you'll get a new GFX card,
you'll probably want to upgrade your CPU as well anyway, which means
upgrading the mainboard...
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