Segmentation fault (11)

steve lasiter slas7713 at
Thu Jul 28 00:29:46 GMT 2005

This is a questions to the group since I'm not sure if
it's related to my FreeBSD 5.4 OS or something else.
I'm on a Dell Pentium 2.55Ghz with 1 GB Ram. 

Background: In trying to install oscommerce I have
uninstalled my php5 and went to php4. Because of error
I've reinstalled Apache 1.3 and Perl5. My database is
MySQL 5.02.

The problem: when I attempt to open an index.php file
in the oscommerce program I get, in my httpd-error.log
[notice] child pid xxx exit signal Segmentation

All other php related sites are functioning well with
no problems. Do you believe this is being caused by
the code in the oscommerce program or something
FreeBSD is doing?

Thanks for input

Dean Lasiter

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