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Tue Jul 26 02:27:15 GMT 2005

I managed to recover and am running 7-CURRENT now.
The morale of the story is
1.disable fancy drivers and scripts for binary compatibilites before 
2. Prepare a backup
4. use unload all when building and after rebooting with the new kernel. 
Use GENERIC at first, then your kernel. Backup 2-3 good kernels.
5. recompile ports with the new system.
6. Don't diddle with the upgrade process - let it run

Have a good one!
dvv at wrote:

> Did as advised and reached to full booting system, which complained 
> that no dump devices were found, even when I had specified one in 
> rc.conf.
> Mergemaster grunts "cannot cd to /usr/src/etc and install files to 
> temproot", when booting in single mode and trying to update the files.
> cap_mkdb quits on "-l" option passed by another program.
> I saw 
> and will fight it these days.
> Finally I tried upgrading from cd and got with kernel panic at the 
> end. I will give the file tomorrow - I'm too exhausted now.
> Anyway 6.0 will be superb
> Have a good one,
> Dimitar

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