Can't Mount Root

Ima Camper ima_camper at
Fri Jul 22 19:12:58 GMT 2005

--- Chuck Swiger <cswiger at> wrote:

> Ima Camper wrote:
> [ ... ]
> > da0 is my boot disk and contains /.  However when
> I
> > configured the disk using sysinstall during
> > installation, I set it up as "dangerously
> dedicated". 
> > Now I wonder if my problem is that I should have
> used
> > "bsdlabel -B /dev/da0" instead of "da0s1a" when
> > attempting to install boot blocks?
> I suspect your device name ought to be /dev/da0a.
> If you are at the boot prompt, what happens if you
> enter a "?"...?

Entering a "?" or anything else so far results in

mountroot> ufs:/dev/da0a
panic: Root mount failed, startup aborted.
cpuid = 0
boot() called on cpu#0
Uptime: 1h59m17s

> Anyway, if you tell it the right place, and your
> fstab is OK, you ought to boot 
> into the system as normal, from which point you can
> re-run bsdlabel with the 
> right device name.
> Otherwise, boot off of an install CD, and run the
> command from a shell.  You 
> can also begin a custom install and exit after wrws;
> g just a new boot block 
> via sysinstall, too.

Thanks for the ideas.  I will try more when I get
home.  All I have available now is a serial console
(that sometimes is at 115200 baud and sometimes at
9600 baud) so I can't try anything other than various
iterations of root devices.

Please send any other ideas to try if you have them.



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