join my freebsd box to windows domain?

Ross Kendall Axe ross at
Fri Jul 22 09:26:04 GMT 2005

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perikillo wrote:
>    Hi all.
>       I want to run freebsd 5.4 and join this machine to my windows
> 2k3 domain, i just want to browse with my freebsd machine the others
> windows clients and windows clients browse my box, i just want to be
> another machine on the domain, they are running Windows XP and others
> 2k.
>      This is my first time i am going to try this, i want to know if
> is posible and wich software i need or where i can find some
> information about, i search with google, but all the examples talk
> about making freebsd domain member or PDC, is the only way...?

If you want other machines on the network to be able to browse this
machine, then domain member is probably what you want.  It's all in the
Samba HOWTO at

>      Them if is posible, i will need samba software? Any information
> or link are welcome.
> NOTE: i want to setup this machine and be my backup server on my
> Redmond domain, this is way im investigate about this, i think that if
> i want to make one Unix system to be my backup system for window
> domain system i need to be another client on that domain, im right or
> wrong???

I'm afraid Samba can only act as a BDC to a _Samba_ PDC, so it looks
like you're out of luck here. This is also in the Samba HOWTO:


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