suicidally ambitious compilation?

markzero mark at
Thu Jul 21 16:11:48 GMT 2005

> > I should have explained myself a little better. What I'm actually trying
> > to do is compile a minimal OpenBSD snapshot so that I can
> > distribute binaries
> > to my very slow firewall machine (which also lacks a compiler, for
> > security reasons). The jail is purely there because the OpenBSD
> > compilation process seems to make the assumption that it's working in
> > /usr/src so I thought it would be a good idea to partition the process
> > off from the rest of the system.
> Although I think it is possible, to build OpenBSD under
> FreeBSD, I wouldn't try it.  The problem is to correctly
> re-create the _complete_ OpenBSD build environment.  That
> means compiler, linker, make, and other tools that may be
> used for building.  For the compiler, that means to build a
> cross compiler. The cpu may be the same, but gcc is always
> configured for a combination of <operating system/target
> cpu/binary format>.  And you have to find out what gcc
> version OpenBSD is usually been built with.  Other tools
> may differ in behaviour or command line options. For
> example, may be FreeBSD is using a gnu tool while OpenBSD
> is using a non-gnu tool.  What about e.g. make? There is
> make and gmake under FreeBSD.
> So again I suggest you try the qemu solution (or buy an 
> additional computer ;-).

Well, that has certainly been an education. Thanks!

I'll try qemu then.


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