Unable to erase CD-RW discs

Mervin McDougall mcd_advisory at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 21:51:00 GMT 2005

Goodday all
  I recently discovered a problem on this personal
server of mine. I use an LG 8080B/1.06 CD-RW drive. I
have been able to install FreeBSD on the drive as
normal, using the drive. I have also been able to burn
ISOs of parts of my file system as backup, provided
the CD-RW disks are blank. However, a peculiar thing
happens when I try to blank or erase a CD-RW disk. The
server just hangs.When I abort the process using
Ctrl+C I am unable to restart the  erase procedure
again unless i reboot. I usually get an error report
indicating IOCD.. is busy. I can't remember the error
report exactly.

I have tried running the burncd program with verbose
settings burncd -vf /dev/acd0 erase but that has not
yeilded any information. It hangs as usual. I am not
sure whether this is a problem that has been
identified and whether it has been fixed in
succsessive version of  FreeBSD. I use FreeBSD 5.3
p-18 by the way.  I would appreciate any inputer I can
get on this and would be willing to provide any extra
information needed. 

Mervin McDougall

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