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George Ruch george.ruch at
Fri Jul 15 20:46:42 GMT 2005

David Kelly wrote:

> You haven't tried installing FreeBSD yet? I ask because the very simple
> boot block FreeBSD installs has always worked well for me. Then again
> the last Microsoft product I booted with it was either NT4 or Win98.

I have, on both my smaller machine (K6-3/400, single 25GB drive)
and on the big machine I described.

On the little machine, it came up looking like a minimal LILO. It
would boot XP correctly, but came up with '??' for the XP

> Its elegant in that it waits about 10 seconds then proceeds to boot what
> ever selection you made the previous time. One selection is "boot the
> next disk" where control is transfered to what ever boot manager is on
> the next disk. FreeBSD can be on the 2nd drive and still bootable. The
> boot process simply hops from one drive to the next.

I never got to that point on the big machine.  After the first
trial install, it rebooted into XP - no boot manager prompt.  I'm
thinking boot manager installed to the MBR of the second drive,
which probably means I missed something in the partitioning or in
sysinstall itself.

As an alternative, I may just strip the little machine and set it
up as full FreeBSD.  That would give me time to get more
comfortable with it while I sort out the 2-disk dual boot.

Re BootMagic: It probably won't recognize any FreeBSD partition
type. There are no references to FreeBSD in the Symantec support
references, and PM started from the CD reported an error
108(IIRC) when the FreeBSD partition was present on the big
machine.  Apparently, it had trouble interpreting the partition
table with an type 165 partition entry.

- George Ruch

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