DHCP assigned unregistered IP address

Glenn Dawson glenn at antimatter.net
Thu Jul 14 07:28:53 GMT 2005

At 10:29 PM 7/13/2005, Robert Huff wrote:

>Glenn Dawson writes:
> >  Sounds like you have one of the motorola cable modems.  They will
> >  assign exactly that address if they are turned on and can't
> >  communicate with the cable companies network.
>         In such situations, my 3Com shows a red light in the
>appropriate slot.  Do Motorolas not do this?

On the one I have (SB3100) the power light will blink under some 
circumstances, such as the ISP turning you off for not paying your bill.

You can also point your browser at and get various 
bits of info from the unit itself. (that will work if you end up with an 
addr assigned by your ISP or from the motorola unit)

Documentation for the various models is here:


>                                 Robert Huff
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