Internal vs. External domains and e-mail

DH dhutch9999 at
Mon Jul 11 15:25:07 GMT 2005


We are going to migrate to an Interal Windows 2003 AD
structure which will also entail changing our Internal
DNS to a "non-routeable" domain.

Currently we are using qmail & qmail-scanner to relay
mail to an Internal Exchange Server.

I-Net -> FBSD4.11/qmail/qmail-scanner -> MS Exchange

I am looking for a way to rewrite the "From" header on
mail originating from the Exchange box to change the
non-routeable domain name to that of our External

                    |                          |
I-Net <-> FBSD4.11/qmail/qmail-scanner <-> MS Exchange

Any mail originating from the Exchange Server and
going to the I-Net should have its "From" header

From: user at newdomain.local to From: user at

I've seen a number of postings at various sites ( etc) and very little in the way of answers
vis a vie qmail.  If anyone has experience with this
problem I'd sure appriciate some guidance.  

If I have to migrate to another e-mail packack such as
ProcMail I'm willing to do so but would rather not ( a
lot of effort spent on my qmail-attachments.txt file

Thank you for  your time - Please CC any response to
my address - I am not a member of this group.

David Hutchens III
Network Technician
DRS Surveillance Support Systems - A division of DRS Technologies.

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