Screen display problem during installation

Jim Mozley jim.mozley at
Mon Jul 11 14:53:47 GMT 2005

Jim Mozley wrote:
> I'm trying to install 5.4 on a system that currently has 4.10 on it. My 
> problem is that when the system boots from the install disk 1 I cannot 
> see the initial menu due to a display problem.
> I see the initial boot information then the box that should have the 
> selection options in, but without the content of the box. The box just 
> overwrites the display information, leaves the boot information on the 
> screen and I see BSD Daemon to the right of it.
> I don't have a floppy drive on the system to attempt a console install 
> so I cannot use that solution.
>  From memory I didn't have any problems with the 4.10 install, so I 
> tried on another PC with the same CD and this displayed the initial menu 
> OK.
> Any ideas on what I could do to resolve this?

Sorry for the repost but I didn't receive any replies on this, I 
couldn't see that I'd asked a FAQ!

Any help appreciated,


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