Make Image of Hard Drive

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Sun Jul 10 22:43:05 GMT 2005

You can try ghost for unix (g4u, here:  It's a 
very powerful network based cloning software, just pop in the bootable 
disk/cd, and then upload/download the image to your local ftp server.  I'm 
using it to clone 5 identical webservers, works great.

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>Subject: Make Image of Hard Drive
>Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2005 17:30:05 -0500
>I recently built a FreeBSD server, and was wondering how I can make an
>image of the hard drive. I am going to build an another FeeBSD server
>using identical hardware. How can I make an image of the hard drive of
>the original server I built and copy/install it to the new server?
>Each server has a 6.4 GB hard drive. Is there a way I can create an
>image then install via the network to a new server in the future if
>need be? Let me know.
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