Why does a system suddenly start hanging ... ?

Igor Robul igorr at speechpro.com
Wed Jul 6 10:53:51 GMT 2005

Marc G. Fournier wrote:

> A couple of months ago, I decided to take a chance and went SATA for 
> one of our servers ... all others in the past have always been SCSI 
> ... now, all of a sudden, the SATA server is *hanging* ... using 
> tw_cli to look at the controller, and the drives and controller all 
> appear to be well ... fsck finds the file systems to be good ... but 
> after a period of time (an hour, maybe two) of running, the server  
> grinds to a halt, and I have to get it rebooted and start all over 
> again ...

Check your power supply. Also check motherboard for visual defects like 
blowed capacitiors etc.

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