Compaq Presario 6000 Install Failure FBSD 5.4 RELEASE

RA Cohen roy2098 at
Tue Jul 5 20:34:59 GMT 2005

Hello all,

I'm darned if I know what is going on with this -- I've
installed many version 4.X and 5.X systems on Proliant hardware
but this is the first failure (and the first Proliant 6000) --

Presario 6000 dual processor
Smart Raid 3100ES attached to 4 - 18 Gb 10,000 RPM UW SCSI
drives. Configured as one RAID 0 array containing one physical =
one logical drive and one RAID 5 array containing three physical
=  one logical drive. Compaq utilities report no problem with
any of this, and the system is up to date with firmware. System
set up for a SCO Unix 7.1 install.

As I don't really know how to export the boot messages, I can
tell you it fails at a line that appears maybe a dozen lines
after the md0: Preload image line:

GEOM: Configure idad0s3 start 16384 length 37584896 end 37601279

So apparently FBSD is having some problems either with the
controller or possibly the drives themselves...?

I've googled and searched the web to no avail. Older versions of
FBSD did not have the ida code, but 5.4 surely does...your help,
as always, is most appreciated.

Thank you,

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