mounted ext2 fs causes bad shutdown

Eric Kjeldergaard kjelderg at
Mon Jan 31 18:23:31 PST 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005 03:04:32 -0800, Loren M. Lang <lorenl at> wrote:
> On a FreeBSD 5.3 system of mine that is dual boot with linux I have my
> linux home partition which is ext3fs mounted on freebsd.  Anytime I
> reboot or halt freebsd while it is mounted, freebsd fails to sync all
> it's buffers.  The first message Syncing disks, vnodes remaining, starts
> out at around 5 or 10 and descreases to 0, then the message Syncing
> disks, buffers remaining... starts at 7 and stays at 7 the whole time
> untill freebsd gives up and reboots or halts anyways.  Whenever I first
> unmount the ext2fs, the vnodes remaining message comes up as usually,
> but the buffers remains never does and freebsd just reboots normally.  I
> could modify the shutdown scripts to unmount the fs manually I suppose,
> but I'd like to solve the real problem.
> P.S.  I'd love to debug this myself, but I'm not very familiar with the
> freebsd source code yet, and I'm not sure how to use a debugger on it
> yet.  Any pointers would be appreciated.

Well, there is a PR on this (I don't remember which, but I found it
via a google search for the same problem with ext2fs.  For lack of a
better solution at the time, I put a umount in rc.shutdown.

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