Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

Clint Olsen clint at
Fri Jan 28 09:56:22 PST 2005

On Jan 28, Loren M. Lang wrote:
> Yea, I'm pretty sure everything will be taken care of automatically for
> mozilla and firefox to use it automatically, but in case it isn't you
> need to make sure you have a soft link to the file
> installed by the port in the firefox plugins directory.

Actually, it didn't work this way for me, so I did have to make the
symbolic link myself (to the ns610 version of it):

% cd ~/.mozilla/plugins
% ln -s /usr/local/jdk1.4.2/jre/plugin/i386/ns610/

I guess this sort of makes sense.  You may have multiple versions of Java
laying around, and perhaps you want to customize that on a per-user basis.


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