burning 5.3-RELEASE CDs

Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Thu Jan 27 10:53:09 PST 2005

     On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 09:30:50 -0600 "Ray Marshall" <RayM at cableone.net>

>Did you figure out how to get an install cd from the ISO image file?  I have a new dell with RecordNow and I can't figure it out, but, I need to do the same thing.  Thanks.

     Sonic RecordNow! apparently does not recognize .iso files as image files,
so it cannot produce a valid, bootable disk.  I ran into this two or three
weeks ago.  I already had a 5.2.1 system installed on the same machine, so
I was able to copy the image file from the Windows XP file system into a
FreeBSD UFS file system.  From there I used burncd to produce a bootable disk.
One problem I ran into, however, was that the "fixate" step always encountered
some error with the two large .iso files when burning a CD-R, although it
worked fine with the "minimal installation" image file.  Burning to a CD-RW
worked properly.  I still don't know why burning a large image to a CD-R was
a problem when burning it to a CD-RW was not a problem.
     In short, Sonic RecordNow! is useless for ISO image files, but you may
find some workaround.  There are also other disk-burning packages around for
Windows XP, but that would mean spending more money on a package you might only
use once. :-]

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