DDB? Debugging kernel?

John john at starfire.mn.org
Thu Jan 27 20:39:08 PST 2005

OK, folks - I've looked in the Handbook, and I've looked in
_The Complete FreeBSD_ and I just get more confused.

Is the option DDB gone?  If so, how do you get ddb functions
like db_readline into the kernel?  _The Complete FreeBSD_ still
describes it, but the handbook doesn't mention it, and a 
"grep -i ddb *" in the conf directory comes up empty.

The handbook still talkes about "makeoptions DEBUG=-g", but
there's no such thing in NOTES or any other file in the
conf directory.

I'm going to try putting in the "makeoptions DEBUG=-g", though
it may do nothing.

The NOTES file also includes a somewhat cryptic remark about the
intel acpi code:

...  (Note that the Intel code must also have USE_DEBUGGER
# defined when it is built).

I tried making that a kernel option, but config says it is not defined.

Well - it didn't choke on "option DDB," so maybe that still works,
even though it's not in the handbook or in the NOTES file...

John Lind
john at starfire.MN.ORG

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