Java Runtime Environment (JRE)?

Jeremy Faulkner gldisater at
Thu Jan 27 17:43:17 PST 2005

Gert Cuykens wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 00:22:47 +0100, Matthias Buelow <mkb at> wrote:
>>I wrote:
>>err.. wrong list, wrong OS (although pkgsrc also supports freebsd).
>>you may want to look at ports/java/jdk15, or one of the linux-*-jdk15 in
>>the same directory.
> So is the linux emulation a bad thing or a good thing, i dont
> understand very well what we need to do here to have java 1.5 in
> firefox on my amd 64 ? sorry :)

You need to be patient. Plugin support wasn't part of the first patchset 
for jdk15 because it is an early adopter release (the patchset). The 
java team is working on this. Be patient.

Jeremy Faulkner	<gldisater at>

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