Witch apache, mysql and php do i need ?

christophe ollier c.ollier.ml at free.fr
Thu Jan 27 01:51:31 PST 2005

Le 27/01/2005 à 10:16, Gert Cuykens a écrit :

> If i install phpmyadmin will php be a module into apache or a cgi bin ?

It's mod_php, as in "module". It brings better integration of PHP into 
Apache than the classic CGI.

> Witch mysql do i install exactly ? And after installing it, will it
> work or will php say something like cant connect to mysql :)

I personaly use the exact same version as the client. As phpMyAdmin uses 
a 4.0.x client, I installed databases/mysql40-server from the ports. 
You'll have to edit phpMyAdmin config files to match the server. See 

> Do i need something extra for the ssl ?

Yes, but I haven't personal experience of this. There seems to be a good 
page here : http://www.unixcities.com/apache-openssl/



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