portmanager loop?

Michael C. Shultz reso3w83 at verizon.net
Wed Jan 26 07:44:35 PST 2005

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 05:38 am, Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2005, at 4:38 AM, cali wrote:
> >> I had (have?) several packages in the ports collection that needed
> >> updating, and recently someone in the list was talking about using
> >> portmanager -u to save on problems with updating; it doesn't touch
> >> the ports database, it won't mess up the collection, it walks
> >> dependencies automagically, etc...should be as easy as
> >> "portmanager -u" and letting  it do it's magic, correct?
> >
> > I read the same thing, and thought I'd give it a shot.
> >
> >> On the Dell 2650 this is running on (FBSD 4.9) *seems* to keep
> >> recompiling xfree86-4-server.  Is there a way to tell if it is
> >> stuck in  a loop?  I had to stop it yesterday after it had been
> >> upgrading for  several hours.
> >
> > The same thing happened to me. Not sure where it was stuck but I
> > was getting a distinct sense of deja-vu watching the output (I
> > don't really mean deja-vu but I can't think of a better way to say
> > it). I left it for 30 hours, and then cancelled it. I'm going to
> > try and run it again today, I'd like to know also if it will
> > eventually get out of the loop, i.e if it is really a loop or
> > something different.
> >
> > sorry that this post doesn't really help the situation
> Actually the developer for portmanager contacted me about it.  He
> asked for some logfiles, and I didn't think the list wanted a 300k
> zip file mass mailed so I was privately emailing him about the
> situation.  He's looking into it and hoped to have a fix soon.  He's
> been wonderful with response time to this error and I was glad to
> help with any logs or testing I could.
> He had hoped to have a fix in there soon, but I don't know if he
> found answers yet as to what caused the loop.
> -Bart

Thanks Bart for your patience, this one required me to set up
XFree86-4 on a FreeBSD 4.11 machine and back date all of the ports. So 
now I know that on December 1st, 2004 /usr/ports/graphics/xfree86-dri 
and /usr/ports/graphics/dri both existed and both report their name
as dri-5.0.2,2 on that date.  This caused portmanager to loop
so I have duplicated the problem which means it can be fixed.

I still need to move the ports forward to the current date before
I have a certain fix but right now I think the quick work around will be 
to go into each of these directories (graphics/dri and 
graphics/xfree86-dri)  and manually de-install them.  Then let 
portmanager pull back in the correct one. That worked
for the ports as they existed on December 1st, 2004  but I still
need to verify it works for the current date.

When I have a certain fix I'll post it here and cc everyone in this 
thread, and when I have a fix in portmanager so this won't happen again 
I'll cc everyone again.



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