GNOME nautilus-cd-burner problems

Doug Poland doug at
Tue Jan 25 13:45:11 PST 2005

My son's a budding Unix enthusiast, but he's no CLI jockey yet.  In my
attempt to help him be independent and burn his own data and/or audio
CD's, I came across nautilus-cd-burner.  

It seems simple enough, but it doesn't work.  I've got existing ISO
images that I try to burn to CDRW and it chokes.  So I try a simple
directory structure and it chokes.  I feed it a few wave files, it

I know something about creating optical media.  For example, sometimes I
need to run mkisofs, sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I need to blank the
media if it's CDRW, I don't for CDR.  Maybe I want to burn an audio CD
and therefore need different switches to drive cdrecord.

So how does one tell nautilus-cd-burner these things?  I've searched the
docs and the lists.


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