"Clean" FreeBSD Installations

Jacob S stormspotter at 6Texans.net
Tue Jan 25 13:17:44 PST 2005

Ok, hopefully I'm not throwing out flamebait or opening a can of worms
here. But I'll ask anyway.

Knoppix is based on Debian and comes with a script to install it to the
hard drive. Nevertheless, Knoppix is not considered to be a "clean"
Debian installation, as you can have problems migrating over to the
Debian servers for updates and upgrades. I notice FreeSBIE
(www.freesbie.org) is based on FreeBSD and also has a script for
installing to the hard drive. What I'm wondering is, how "clean" is
FreeSBIE's installation? Am I going to have any problems if I use ports
for getting upgrades and security updates? 


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