let me just throw this out there..

Oliver Leitner Shadow333 at gmx.at
Mon Jan 24 13:10:10 PST 2005

sounds like either powersurgery or you hit the wrong button to me...
also, are you the only one with root or power access to it?

maybe some coworker stepped over the cable, or some other one thought he 
could work with a bsd, and just did the shutdown -r now...

in case you might wanna check all the logs, also the ones including 
informations on who connected to that box.

Also, its only a thought, but how much space is left on that system, do a
df -h and have a closer look...

Oliver Leitner
Technical Staff

On Monday 24 January 2005 22:02, gabriel wrote:
> Has it ever happened to anyone here where your computer (in this case,
> my gateway running ipfw+natd) just restarts out of nowhere. It isnt
> even a crash, it just restarted. Then when the computer came back up
> nothing was running, dhcpd, natd, cupsd everything was just not
> running. Weird.

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