JDK 1.5 and 5.3

Andrew Hall halla3 at corp.earthlink.net
Mon Jan 24 11:33:20 PST 2005

Erik Norgaard wrote:
> Andrew Hall wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I have a few questions about jdk and 5.3.
>> 1. If one does a src compile, it requires that the linux-sun-jdk to be 
>> installed to bootstrap the compile of native jdk.
>> Why would freebsd not use a binary version of it's own native jdk to 
>> bootstrap itself?  If that's not feasible, then why would the jdk port 
>> not immediately remove all the linux crap that it installs if its not 
>> needed?  If something is only temporary, then it should be removed 
>> immediately after use right :)?
> 1) I think you are touching into the licence discussion that appeared 
> recently. 2) yes you can deinstall the linux binaries.
> New question: Can one upgrade jdk without installing the linux binaries 
> again?

 From everything I read online you do not need the linux jdk once you 
have a working native jdk.

Any idea about the missing browser plugin?


> Cheers, Erik

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