Transparent Proxy going astray

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> Hello, Paul,
> I saw your message in freebsd-questions forum about 
> transparent proxy. Right now I'm facing the same problem: 
> gateway with ipfw/natd and squid proxy on different machine. 
> Maybe you have solved this problem? Everywhere I look, I see 
> the same questions I'm asking, i.e. "has anyone successfuly 
> configured gateway and proxy, working on different machines?" :)
Have you looked at "WCCP"? Not sure if there are BSD implementations of
this, but in linux there are. Its basically a protocol that runs on both the
proxy and f/w server such that any http traffic is transparently forwarding
to the proxy server for caching/whatever before it goes through the
gateway... It used to be a cisco proprietary protocol, but I believe it may
have been RFCd


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