Cheap, reliable mass storage

markzero mark at
Mon Jan 24 04:31:12 PST 2005

> > To clarify, I'm looking for long-term reliability, low cost and large
> > space rather than high performance. I have a budget of around $600-900
> > to spend but I would not have to buy a PC as I have plenty of old
> > machines (average spec: Intel P3 700mhz) laying around that would=20
> > probably be up to the job.
> You can buy lots of storage for $900...  How much storage do you need?
> One way to do it.  Take one machine, get 2 large drives for the data, one
> smaller drive for the OS and a CD-ROM drive.  Send all the data to the
> first data drive and configure OS to sync second drive every 24 hours.
> If you have a pranoia about safety of the data on one machine, buy
> external drive enclosure.  Attach external drive only when it is time
> to run a backup.

Oops, that's quite an important bit of information to miss isn't it. I
was hoping to grab around 1TB of storage, but I'm not sure how likely
this is with the current budget. I was thinking of buying 4 x 300gb
drives and a RAID card from Promise. I would then do as you'd advised
and put a small 4gb drive in the machine with a mini-install of FreeBSD.

Do you think there would be any problem with this? I'd like to get all
issues ironed out before I go off spending... :)

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