FreeBSD 5.3 I/O Performance / Linux 2.6.10

Chris racerx at
Sun Jan 23 20:33:51 PST 2005

Oliver Fuchs wrote:
> On Sat, 22 Jan 2005, Nick Pavlica wrote:
>>  This post is not about BSD VS. Linux and should not be taken that
>>way.  I think that "Flame Wars/Engineer Wars" are  waste of time and
>>energy.  I was surprised by my test results and didn't want to take
>>FBSD out of the loop just yet.  There may be flaws in my testing that
>>have led me to inaccurate results.  I didn't share the testing details
>>in the original mail because of time constraints, and the notes are
>>fairly lengthy.  I will add my notes to this mail so that there is a
>>better understanding of what tests I performed, and their results. 
>>It's important to note that I did not tweak any of the default
>>settings of the OS or DB.  The notes should be generally self
>>explanatory, but will be more that happy to clarify any questions that
>>you have.  As a side note, I chose the email address linicks because
>>by name is Nick, and thought it was a fun play on words.  I appreciate
>>all of your feedback, so that I can better understand the differences
>>in these great operating systems and communities.
>>Thanks Again!
>>--Nick Pavlica
>>"OK, The testing notes already" :)
> Hi,
> please put your test results on a web page so that everyone who is
> interested can look them up and everyone who is not interested does not have
> to pay for receiving such a long mail.
> You are using different versions of postgresql?
> Did you set up the three systems with the same partitioning or did you set
> up all three on one harddrive?
> What is the meaning of this email: regarding your test FreeBSD is not as
> fast as the other OSes - so what do you want to know? I do not get it.
> Oliver

In addition, was on OS running a window manager and the other not? Was 
one running ssh and the other not, was FBSD running Linux emu? ... Was 
one running (insert program) and the other not...

When you run each side by side, process for process, thread for thread, 
version for version - nothing extra on one over the other, then post 
your results.

Funny thing about polls/tests/ etc. the results can be portrayed to 
reflect one biased point of view over another.

I apologize for my cynicism - but I don't put a heck of a lot of faith 
in any type of poll (in your case, a test) that can be tainted by the 
slightest bit of prejudice.

Best regards,

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