1 cpu + 2 monitors + 2 keybord/mouse + FreeBSD, is it possible??

albi albi at scii.nl
Sun Jan 23 06:21:29 PST 2005

Mark Jayson Alvarez wrote:

>    FreeBSD is multi-user right? 


> I know this setup but
> only when other users are logging in remotely via
> another pc. I just want to know if it is possible for
> me to just buy 1 more monitor, a mouse and a keyboard
> and just dig a hole between my brother's room and mine
> and share with him my pc. I really wanted him to learn
> the inner workings of computer, but we cannot afford
> to buy another computer. Used computers are cheaper
> but not as cheap as just buying another used monitor
> and a keyboard. I've heard something like a dumb
> terminal but I guess it still requires another cpu.

i've been looking for a similar thing, and i know it's possible for 
linux, as you can see here :


the idea is to have more than 1 extra videocard in the machine and then
use 2 or more keyboards and mice, personally i think this is a great 
hack and i've been searching for something like that for FreeBSD but 
have not found it

one other thing you can do however is to get yourself at least a
pentiumI with 32 Mb RAM and a NIC with PXE and make that a diskless
client attached to your machine

see here :

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