ipfw filtering of a netgraph bridge

Matt Dawson matt at mattsnetwork.co.uk
Sun Jan 23 05:18:06 PST 2005

Hi folks,
	Is the above possible? I'm trying to filter by MAC address on an Atheros in 
hostap mode. Kernel bridging doesn't allow clients to talk to the interface 
on the other side of the bridge and since dhcpd listens on this interface 
it's pretty pointless using kernel bridging.

Is there some tomfoolery I have missed in setting this up to allow ipfw to 
filter on MAC? I'm using the standard ether.bridge script from examples, 
changed slightly and bunged in /usr/local/etc/rc.d so the bridge gets 
configured at boot and destroyed at shutdown.
Matt Dawson.

matt at mattsnetwork.co.uk
MD2657-RIPE OpenNIC M_D9

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