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Sat Jan 22 00:09:47 PST 2005

saravanan ganapathy wrote:


> --- Erik Norgaard <norgaard at locolomo.org> wrote:
> Since I am very new to freebsd, I am not sure abt the
> ports collections which I don't want.

Since you are new, I will give you some (ports) advice:

1. Always update all of your ports so that you can use portupgrade.
2. Use portupgrade.
3. Read /usr/ports/UPDATING if you want things to go smoothly.
4. If you forget step 3, and step 3 happens to have some bad news in it 
(usually pertaining to gettext), 'portupgrade -rRf [some port]' can work 
5. Don't forget to do a 'portsdb -uU' after cvsup'ing your ports.

My quick start to portupgrade: 
Where I learned about portupgrade:


Tabor Kelly
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