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Colin J. Raven colin at kenmore.kozy-kabin.nl
Fri Jan 21 14:23:10 PST 2005

On Jan 21 at 14:27, Gardner Bell launched this into the bitstream:

> On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 04:02:57PM +0100 Colin J. Raven wrote:
>> Can anyone please tell me where the kernel modules are located, and
>> where are they described? I ask this so that I can figure out which to
>> include/exclude in OPTIONS_OVERRIDE in /whatever/make.conf (separate
>> post).
>> I'd hate to *guess* at what to include/exclude, that sounds sort of
>> risky..and I'm assuming there must be some method for doing this for
>> someone of my (thus far) hopelessly limited experience.
> The kernel modules are located in the /usr/src/sys/modules directory.
> I have determined what to use and not use by both reviewing the dmesg
> output and doing a whatis on each module.  Running whatis on each
> module seems to take forever but it is how I did it.  Maybe someone
> else knows of a quicker way.
aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh...module_location+dmesg_output+whatis - PERFECT!
That's enough to get rolling - GREAT!!!!!!!

> Here is the list of modules I have included in the MODULES_OVERRIDE
> directive.
> accf_data accf_http acpi agp aio amd aout bios cam cd9660 cd9660_iconv
> cp crypto cryptodev dc dcons dcons_crom fdc fdescfs geom i2c io
> libiconv linux lpt mac_biba mac_bsdextended mac_ifoff mac_lomac
> mac_mls mac_none mac_partition mac_portacl mac_seeotheruids mac_stub
> mac_test mem mii netgraph pccard ppbus ppi pps random rc rc4 re
> rndtest safe sem sound speaker splash syscons sysvipc ubsa ufs ugen
> uhid unionfs usb vesa vinum zlib
> I've probably included more modules than I will ever use, but I think
> it gives you an idea.  You will *definitely* want to modify the
> modules to your specific hardware.
Thanks for that!
Unusually the handbook seemed somewhat sparse on such details, but to 
balance that out, there's obviously a finite limit on what they can and 
can't include. My problem was (paraphrased) "I've hacked on "MYKERNEL" 
config file, read up on the traditional vs 'new way" kernel 
building/installation *BUT* ...next comes modules, _now what_?" and 
you've given me a great shot at understanding the next step, which is 
just as vital as those steps preceding it.

Terrific stuff, tonight is reading|reading|and_more_reading.

Much appreciated,

Colin J. Raven
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