snapshots, soft update inconsistency

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Jan 21 08:17:44 PST 2005

Jay <jay at> writes:

> I've got some filesystem problems on my /usr partition.
> Cause:  power failures caused by TWO exploding transformers
> I restarted in single-user mode and fsck'd all of my partitions.
> Everything looked fine.  
> I've got a handful of zero-length files that I can't fix.  "Bad file
> descriptor".  I've tried `ls -i` to get the inode number so I can delete
> the files via find.  ls doesn't work -- it just returns "Bad file
> descriptor".
> I then had the bright idea of making a snapshot and running fsck against
> it.  I got a few hundred lines of "unexpected soft update
> inconsistency". I didn't have fsck repair anything against the snapshot;
> I just wanted to see what the output was.
> Should I:
> 	a) run fsck against the snapshot and let it fix things
> 	b) go back to single-user mode and run fsck
> 	c) do something else
> I'm sure that booting into single-user mode is the best idea, however,
> I'd prefer not to do that if possible -- the machine is up and running
> and doing it's thing fairly well at the moment.

I thought you said you had already done that, and that it seemed fine.
Doing it again will only help if new problems have arisen since then.

If the machine is working okay as it is, and the data on its disks is
completely expendable, then feel free to leave it alone and wait for
problems to get worse.  

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